About Us

About Us The UK’s only web-based PMR system

The UK’s only web-based PMR system

RxWeb is a web-based PMR system that acts as the foundation of any pharmacy by providing pharmacy owners with both the freedom and tools to manage their business to its full potential. Our system is a market-leading pharmacy software solution due to its flexibility, technology and multiple industry integrations. RxWeb is part of Clanwilliam Health who provide pharmacy and practice management solutions throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Unlike other PMR systems, RxWeb provides users with anytime, anywhere access to their pharmacy data enabling you to work whenever and wherever you want.

RxWeb is automatically backed up to the cloud and there is no dependency on particular PC, so in the event of any hardware incident, your pharmacy is backed up to the most recent keystroke, mouse movement or shorthand key, not just to the last manual back up you made. RxWeb provides a one-stop solution for all community pharmacies across England, Scotland and Wales.

Over the years, Clanwilliam Health has continuously invested into the platforms and infrastructure of the RxWeb system to ensure that we exceed the growing needs and requirements of community pharmacies.

RxWeb allows you to easily manage and grow all areas of your pharmacy including clinical services, stock ordering and management, care home patient management and patient communications, while also integrating with a wide range of robots.

The RxWeb development roadmap is shaped by customer feedback, which means that our customers help to form the system they use.

RxWeb is used and recommended by all pharmacy types and sizes including independents, small groups, internet pharmacies, medium groups and corporate organisations.

RxWeb is a cost-effective PMR solution where customers can save money in order to boost cash flow and ultimately profit.

There is no N3 fee, multi-license fees or a monthly increase for more than six terminals per site, making it the most economical system on the market and the faster growing PMR in the UK.

RxWeb is part of Clanwilliam Groups’s Health Division. The Clanwilliam Health Division comprises software solutions designed to assist healthcare professionals to provide best in class patient care across a wide range of settings.

From GP and consultant clinics to pharmacies, care homes and hospitals Clanwilliam Health software solutions are used by thousands of healthcare professionals on a daily basis. Clanwilliam Health is on a mission to create a connected primary and secondary care software network that embraces technology in order to deliver outstanding patient experiences wherever possible.

Download Our Brochure Here

In this downloadable brochure, we’ll walk you through the benefits of switching to RxWeb. Whether you’re an independent pharmacy, group or larger corporate organisations, RxWeb is the solution for you. We’ll also give you a rundown of our features, pricing and support.



RxWeb is the best user-friendly PMR system. It's very simple and straight forward to generate labels and repeat dispensing. It saves a lot of time compared to other systems available in the market. I would definitely recommend  RxWeb to anyone.

Anish Sudhamani, Plymouth Healthcare Ltd

“As a group of 11 individual branches, I can testify to the advantages of a web-based platform and anytime, anywhere access. It is reassuring to know that if the system goes down, data recovery is not an issue. And with everything encompassed in the one fee per branch, RxWeb now makes the most sense economically, particularly for a multi-user site with numerous terminals. Product support has also evolved drastically over the years; it’s great to be able to speak to someone one-on-one as opposed to logging a call and awaiting a response. And as one of the first adopters of RxWeb, I have had no problem recommending it countless times to colleagues and friends and will continue to do so.”

Bipin Patel, Operations Manager, Clockwork Pharmacy Group

"We have been using RxWeb for over two years across our group and have found the system extremely cost efficient and useful. The cloud technology has allowed us to expand the number of terminals we have in each branch without significant investment which has improved our workflow and dispensing effectiveness. Finally we have always found that RxWeb are looking to improve and develop their program to incorporate improvements and feedback from their customers. Overall we would recommend RxWeb to any pharmacy looking for a new PMR system and want a premium product, with great features, central control and an unexpectedly low price tag."

Mike Barbour, Wringtons Pharmacy

"As a chain of 11 stores, our previous pharmacy system contract used to cost us approx £40k a year, on top of our N3 connection. Since switching to RxWeb we now save that £40k as well as benefiting from added functionality. I couldn't be happier that we switched."

Jonathan McGill, McGills Pharmacy South Yorkshire

"I have tried some of the most expensive systems and was not too pleased with their performance, and decided to try one of the cheapest on the market. I can only say that I have not regretted the switch. Would I go back to a PC based system?- very unlikely. Web based programmes are the future, RxWeb is the future. Support is excellent and downtimes are less often. Set up and training was excellent."

Rakesh Shukla, Saughall Pharmacy Cheshire

"RxWeb has a very intuitive user interface which is easy to navigate and this means that staff adapt to it very easily as there is a gentle learning curve. The interface between RxWeb and the Willach Consis B3 robot is a very cost effective solution to an automated dispensing solution."

Andrew Porter

“RxWeb is by far the quickest system on the market. The speed at which I can download and dispense an EPS2 prescription is incredible. I love the fact that I can access all patient records from any location and I am not worried about expensive PC maintenance contracts. It takes a few minutes to get a new PC going again with RxWeb. Love It!"

Zayd Mahfooth, Spatetree Pharmacy London

"I am delighted with the new RxWeb version. We are really impressed with the speed and the ease of the system. The nominations process is very simple. My staff and I have found downloading and dispensing EPS2 prescriptions to be a seamless process. All at Hills Pharmacy are really happy with the system."

Karman Chung, Hills Pharmacy London

"For someone who is a complete technophobe I can’t believe how much I love the system. It’s easy to use and I can fully understand the theory behind it. I love the speed and flexibility that RxWeb delivers and the fact that everything I need is on one page.”

Christine Morris, Hampton Hill Pharmacy Middlesex

"I was originally sceptical about using RxWeb - the fact that it was web based, the fact that the costs were covered by the NHS ETP allowance. On trying the system I was impressed. It did everything and more I require and is also very versatile."

Andrew Watson, Good Measure Pharmacy Rotherham

“We moved to RxWeb a couple of years ago and my staff and I have always really liked the system and the unique benefits that it offers. There is a massive improvement on the speed & stability of the system, we are very happy and impressed!”

Michael Ball , Broadway Pharmacy Preston

"By the time you've had your reimbursement for your N3 line, RxWeb virtually pays for itself and that for me is a real selling point. It is extremely cost efficient."

Paul Murphy , Vittoria Healthcare Group